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New FARO 3D Software Release 16.5

In line with today's start of the 21st INTERGEO FARO released the new 16.5 version of its software programs for as-built documentation (Press Release).

The current FARO 3D Software update provides customers with numerous enhancements and advanced tools as well as adjusted user interfaces. More information on the new features and functionality is available on the following release page:

Besides the updated PointSense and VirtuSurv software portfolio, for efficient processing of laser scan data inside AutoCAD and Revit, users also benefit from new functionality in the classic TachyCAD and PhoToPlan measuring solutions for AutoCAD.

Now both FARO and non-FARO hardware users can process their data faster and more intuitively. FARO 3D software supports measured data from almost any device (laser scanner, total station, ...)  and manufacturer. Anyone who needs to document as-built data can benefit from the software's functionality.

The FARO 3D Software team will be hosting a series of upcoming webinars, providing an overview of the updated software products. Click the link below for information on dates and times:

The current version 16.5 is available now for trial and purchase.

Example for new feature in PointSense for Revit 16.5: Surface Analysis Tool

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