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FARO introduces PointSense and VirtuSurv 17.5

FARO’s® PointSense Release 17.5 now supports mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) applications inside Revit® and auto cylinder extraction in AutoCAD further accelerating as-built data processing for efficient Building and Plant Design.

FARO  announces the release of its field-proven laser scanning software PointSense 17.5 providing new powerful tools for extracting building and plant deliverables from point cloud data. All PointSense products are direct plug-ins for Autodesk® Revit® and AutoCAD® products and are capable of processing as-built data captured by FARO laser scanners and 3rd party devices.

In FARO’s PointSense for Revit® 17.5 architects and engineers can process as-built data directly inside Revit®. Newly integrated tools for modeling pipe runs allow users to fit pipes fast and precisely, insert fittings and automatically align parts directly inside the Revit® point cloud. Supporting standard and customized Revit® MEP families and templates, users can streamline their workflow by saving processing steps via third party software. The new Section Manager simplifies the work by administering customized point clouds. Scan data can be easily sliced, masked and better displayed, which improves the data processing while enhancing the orientation inside the point cloud.

A pioneering Smart Snap feature allows PointSense for AutoCAD® users to trap planes, corners or edges precisely in their scan data guaranteeing higher control on selected points and modeling. 3D experts that need to document uniform shapes can abandon time-consuming modeling methods with a new fit profile command that significantly simplifies the work of drawing curbs or consistant profiles along a path. Additionally, a new visualization tool for coloring mapping point clouds compared to  ideal geometry allows analyzing of any type of surface, such as cooling towers or even more complex shapes.

Industrial facilities designers benefit from automated cylinder extraction in PointSense Plant 17.5 allowing accelerated pipe fitting and a reduced number of clicks. A new cutback tool for pipe elbows permits modification to standard parts for better consideration of real world conditions during data extraction. As a result complete watertight models can be converted to design programs like AutoCAD Plant 3D®. Structural designers can now fit and align Autodesk® Advanced Steel® components preparing as-built data for their calculations. A new stacked steel functionality provides structural engineers with an option for automatically aligning neighboring steel axes which eliminates prior manual rework and speeds up processing time. Additionally support of ESAin® libraries and determination of pipe line numbers, further complete the new functionality in the latest PointSense Plant release.

For architects PointSense Building 17.5 provides new features for more clear and architect-compatible 2D plans. A rebuilt command for fit outline plans allows faster and more comfortable drawings of room outlines with fewer clicks and a new option for forced angularity. Rather than spending time straightening walls manually, users can test a new prototype tool for automatic wall alignment which creates parallel and perpendicular wall lines equivalent to axial aligned walls. The command belongs to a recent “sneak preview” feature category introducing new functionality at an early stage. Users are encouraged to provide feedback on the tool to assist in further product development. Experts that need to document building facades benefit by a much faster calculation for orthophotos and un-winding of images in PointSense Heritage.

VirtuSurv 17.5, FARO’s solution for processing point cloud data based on photo-like scan views, offers a new SentToClipboard function that supports sending scan data to any Windows sub-dialog, saving time copying and pasting. FARO also released new software versions of PhoToPlan, TachyCAD, hlyasFM and MonuMap.

Here you will find an overview of the new features and a contact form.

New automatic cylinder extraction in PointSense Plant

New pipe modeling in PointSense for Revit

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